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Do not trade with a player named antjamu. This person stole 8 cards from a team mate of mine.

Here is a list of cards antjuma stole.
  • 10/110 KOW Black Panther
  • 10/110 ToO Gambit
  • 10/110 YD Iron Fist
  • 10/110 Arc Ironman x 5

[Mighty Slasher] Wolverine [Skadi] Sin [Mighty Leader] Iron Man [Mokk] Grey Gargoyle [Angrir] The Thing [No Fear] Iron Fist [Ballerina] Black Widow [Nerkkod] Attuma [Back in Action] Captain America [Vengeful Brother] Serpent [Kuurth] Juggernaut [Greithoth] Absorbing Man [Skirn] Titania [Defender of Wakanda] Black Panther [Figurehead] Mystique