[Sign of Bad Luck] Black Cat

Basic Card Information
Alignment: Speed
Gender: Female
Faction: Super Hero
Power Requirements: 8
Center Trait Card: No
Primary Card Use: Attack
Card Availabilty: Rally Pack
Card Power Pack Value Power Pack
Base Price: Undetermined
Fused Price: Undetermined
10/000 Price: Undetermined

[Sign of Bad Luck] Black Cat
Card Rarity: Uncommon
Card Level: 30
Card Mastery Level: 25
Base ATK/DEF: 740/740
Max ATK/DEF: 2139/2116
Sale Price: 2,700 Silver
While Black Cat has romantic feelings for Spider-Man, she does not share these feelings for his alter ego, Peter Parker.
No Ability

[Sign of Bad Luck] Black Cat+
Card Rarity: Rare
Card Level: 40
Card Mastery Level: 125
Base ATK/DEF: 888/888
Max ATK/DEF: 2995/2963
Sale Price: 5,400 Silver
Because Black Cat remains a thief, her relationship with Spider-Man will never work out. However her feelings remain strong for him.
No Ability

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