[Level Up] Sneaky ISO-8

Basic Card Information
Alignment: Bruiser
Gender: N/A
Faction: Super Hero
Power Requirements: 999
Center Trait Card: No
Primary Card Use: Attack
Card Availabilty: Unknown
Card Power Pack Value Power Pack
Base Price: Undetermined
Fused Price: Undetermined
10/000 Price: Undetermined

[Level Up] Sneaky ISO-8
Card Rarity: Rare
Card Level: 1
Card Mastery Level: 0
Base ATK/DEF: 50/50
Max ATK/DEF: 0/0
Sale Price: 100 Silver
Black Widow excels at infiltrating hostile locations and disabling guards without making a sound. This ISO-8 variant enhances those particular deadly qualities.
Card Ability
Ability: Ambush
Ability Useage: Very Low
Ability Effect: Partially weaken DEF of opposing team.
Partial Degrade DEF of All by 3%

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