[Going Nuclear] A-Bomb [Sidekick No More] A-Bomb [Critical Mass] A-Bomb [Latent Psionic] A-Bomb [S.W.O.R.D. Leader] Abigail [Commander] Abigail [Gamma Experiment] Abomination [Hulk Bane] Abomination [Lethal Touch] Absorbing Man [Greithoth] Absorbing Man [Infinity Watch] Adam Warlock [Dark Side] Adam Warlock [Him] Adam Warlock [Thunderbolt] Agent Venom [Symbiote Commando] Agent Venom [Boxer] Agent Venom [Self-Doubt] Agent Venom [Hail Mary!] Agent Venom [Maverick] Agent Zero [Master of the Hounds] Ahab [A.I.] Alexis Angel [Amnesia] Angel [Cheyarafim] Angel [Chairman] Angel [What If?] Angel [Daughter of Odin] Angela Annihilus [The Living Death that Walks] Annihilus [Annihilation Wave] Annihilus [Scott Lang] Ant-man [Apollo] Anthem [Regeneration] Anti-Venom [Cure-All] Anti-Venom [First Mutant] Apocalypse [New Age] Apocalypse [Only the Strong] Apocalypse [Survival of the Fittest] Apocalypse [Resurrection Man] Apocalypse [The Great Game] Apocalypse [Secret Veteran] Arachne [Spider Hunter] Arana [Horseman] Archangel Archangel [Martial] Ares [Old Soldiers Never Die] Ares [Death's Nephew] Ares [Arsenal] Ares Ares [Fog of War] Ares [Nerkkod] Attuma [The Brave] Balder [Beware the Banshee's Cry] Banshee [Dark Mystic] Baron Mordo [Educated] Beast Beast [Great Mind] Beast [Scientist] Beast [Instincts] Beast [Oathbrother] Beta-Ray Bill [Godhunter] Beta Ray Bill [Champion of Korbin] Beta-Ray Bill [X.S.E.] Bishop [Enforcer] Bishop [Cop] Bishop [Inhuman Anomaly] Black Bolt [Warrior King] Black Bolt [Inhuman Illuminatus] Black Bolt Black Bolt [Muted] Black Bolt [Wicked Bad Luck] Black Cat [Daddy's Girl] Black Cat Black Cat [Sign of Bad Luck] Black Cat [Fickle Fortune] Black Cat [If It Wasn't for Bad Luck...] Black Cat [Crossing Your Path] Black Cat [Miss Fortune] Black Cat [Nihilist] Black Dwarf [King of Wakanda] Black Panther [Defender of Wakanda] Black Panther [Kingly Husband] Black Panther [Secret Agent] Black Widow [Femme Fatale] Black Widow [Once Bitten] Black Widow [Red in the Ledger] Black Widow [Ballerina] Black Widow [Rose Red] Black Widow [Prince of Hell] Blackheart [Midnight Son] Blade Blade [Vampire Hunter] Blade [Vanguard] Blade [New Ronin] Blade [Vampire Hunter] Blade [Soulreaper] Bloodbath [Reaper of Souls] Bloodbath [Antimatter Reactor] Blue Marvel [No-Name] Brood [Guides of Evolution] Builder [Dark Hawkeye] Bullseye [A Little OCD] Bullseye [A Lot Insane] Bullseye [Dayspring] Cable [Prodigal Son] Cable [What If] Cable [New X-Force] Cable [Askani-son] Cable [Shadow Rebel] Caiera [American Pride] Captain America [Star-Spangled Avenger] Captain America [Sentinel of Liberty] Captain America [Freedom's Friend] Captain America+ [American Way] Captain America [Second Tour] Captain America [Front Line] Captain America [Isaiah Bradley] Captain America [Second Term] Captain America [Back in Action] Captain America [Super Soldier] Captain America [Dimension Z] Captain America [Excalibur] Captain Britain [Second Life] Captain Britain [Merlyn's Champion] Captain Britain [Rule Britannia] Captain Britain [One of Many] Captain Britain [White Kree] Captain Marvel [Avenger] Captain Marvel [New Commission] Captain Marvel [Mar-Vell's Heir] Captain Marvel [Star Power] Captain Marvel [Legacy] Captain Marvel [Transformed] Captain Marvel [Uni-Power] Captain Universe [Separation Anxiety] Carnage [Maximum Carnage] Carnage [Symbiote Insanity] Carnage [Offspring] Carnage [Back from the Dead] Carnage [Unholy Union] Carnage [Primordial] Chaos King [Void] Chaos King [Jovian] Charlie-27 [Runaway] Cloak [Streetwise] Cloak [Darkforce Conduit] Cloak [Knight] Cloak [Proletarian] Colossus [Avatar of Cyttorak] Colossus [Big Brother] Colossus [Unstable] Colossus [Poet's Heart] Colossus [Dreadlord] Corvus Glaive [Tactics] UR Cosmic Cube [Bruiser] UR Cosmic Cube [Speed] UR Cosmic Cube [Speed] L Cosmic Cube [Tactics] L Cosmic Cube [Bruiser] L Cosmic Cube [Far Out] Cosmic Spider-Man [Lost in Space] Cosmo [Mr. Bones] Crossbones [Amoral] Crossbones [Sighted] Crossfire [Elementelle] Crystal [Genuine Leader] Cyclops [Fearless Leader] Cyclops [Optic Captain] Cyclops [Phoenix Fragment] Cyclops [Challenger] Cyclops [Taking Charge] Cyclops Cyclops [Future Vision] Cyclops [First X-Man] Cyclops [Lady Light] Dagger [Living Light] Dagger [Wolverine's Legacy] Daken [Wild Card] Daken [Comeback] Daken Daken [Dark Wolverine] Daken [Dangerous AI] Danger [Radar Senses] Daredevil Daredevil [Trial by Fire] Daredevil [Uptown Team] Daredevil and Luke Cage+ [Infinite Lawyer] Daredevil [In the Shadows] Daredevil [Protector of Hell's Kitchen] Daredevil [Shadowland] Daredevil [Love is Blind] Daredevil [Eldritch Armor] Darkchylde [Zvezda] Darkstar [Full Spectrum] Dazzler [Weapon X] Deadpool [Legend, Baby] Deadpool [Misunderstood] Deadpool [Flipping Out] Deadpool [Deadpool Corps] Deadpool [Manic Monday] Deadpool [Merc with a Mouth] Deadpool [What If, Baby] Deadpool [Dreadpool] Deadpool [Mistress] Death [Nec-Romantic] Death [Multiple Selves] Deathlok [Demolisher] Deathlok [Futuristic Soldier] Deathlok [Devil-Beast] Devil Dinosaur [Alchemist] Diablo [Green Hair] Doc Samson [Unstable Mutation] Doc Samson [The Master] Doctor Doom [Power Cosmic] Doctor Doom [Doomquest] Doctor Doom [Black Magic] Doctor Doom [Unstable] Doctor Octopus [Sinister Mastermind] Doctor Octopus [Krimmon's Host] Doctor Spectrum [Surgeon] Doctor Spectrum [Pale Man] Doctor Spectrum [Abracadabra] Doctor Strange [Arcane Defender] Doctor Strange [Phoenix Defender] Doctor Strange [Astral Infiltrator] Doctor Strange [Occult Scholar] Dr. Strange [Brother Voodoo] Doctor Voodoo [Odds Favor Me] Domino [Videographer] Doop [Fearsome Faltine] Dormammu [The Dread One] Dormammu [Lord of the Night] Dracula [Alchemical Android] Dragon Man [Semi-Sentient] Dragon Man [Cosmic Demon] Dragon of the Moon [The Destroyer] Drax [Kronos' Champion] Drax [Pure Might] Drax [Nemesis] Drax [Chemical Mystic] Druid [Manipulator] Ebony Maw [Charged Up] Electro [Electro-magnetic] Electro [Out of Control] Electro [Overload] Electro [Skrull Hostage] Elektra [Conflicted] Elektra [Assassin-for-Hire] Elektra [Modern Ninja] Elektra [Noble Warbound] Elloe [Conglomerate] Emma Frost [Phoenix Fire] Emma Frost [Be Mine] Emma Frost [Teacher] Emma Frost [Arcane Power] Enchantress [All Time] Eternity [Counter-Abraxas] Eternity [Without Ending] Eternity [Vengeful Son] Ezekiel Stane [Hyper-Metabolic] Ezekiel Stane [On Patrol] Falcon [Wakandan Tech] Falcon [Snap] Falcon [Precursor] Fallen One [First Family] Fantastic Four+ [Space Dragon] Fin Fang Foom [Makluan] Fin Fang Foom [Plasma Sculpture] First Human Torch [Avatar] Franklin [Devourer's Daughter] Galacta [First Being] Galactus [Ravenous] Galactus [Beyond Good and Evil] Galactus [The Great Destroyer] Galactus [Redeye] Gambit [Cajun Charmer] Gambit [Thief of Orleans] Gambit [Card Sharp] Gambit [New Factor] Gambit [What If?] Gambit [Lover Boy] Gambit [Thanos's Assassin] Gamora [Tracker] Gamora [Green Assassin] Gamora [Galaxy's Deadliest] Gamora [HellFire] Ghost Rider [Hell Bike] Ghost Rider [Soul on Fire] Ghost Rider Ghost Rider [Shadowland] Ghost Rider and Daredevil+ [Spirit of Vengeance] Ghost Rider [Damnation] Ghost Rider [Spirit Host] Ghost Rider [Ride On] Ghost Rider [Scientific Adventurer] Giant Man [Praetor] Gladiator [Impossible Strength] Gladiator [Phoenix Clone] Goblin Queen [Gotcha!] Goblin-in-the-Box [Petragon] Gorgon [Black Hole Survivor] Gravity [Never Back Down] Gravity [Goblin Legacy] Green Goblin Green Goblin [Hearing Voices] Green Goblin [Split Personality] Green Goblin [Father's Footsteps] Green Goblin [Mokk] Grey Gargoyle [Flora Colossus] Groot [Custodian of the Branch Worlds] Groot [King of Planet X] Groot [Mojo TV] Groot & Rocket Raccoon [What If?] Groot [Other Brother] Havok Havok [Cosmic Energy] Havok [Ready, Aim...] Hawkeye [Thunderbolts] Hawkeye [Ronin] Hawkeye [Watcher Over the Realms] Heimdall [Hel's Queen] Hela [Ruler of the Dead] Hela [Child of Destiny] Hellcat [Tainted Soul] Hellcat [TK Powerhouse] Hellion [Mephitisoid] Hepzibah [Prince of Power] Hercules [Rebel Leader] Hercules Hercules [Omnipo-what?] Hercules [Sakaarson] Hiro-Kala [Vengeful] Hiro-Kala [The Shamed] Hiroim [Warrior's Three] Hogun [Grim Warrior] Hogun [Fulcrum] Hope Summers [Adopted Messiah] Hope Summers [Trapped!] Howard the Duck [Incredible Rage] Hulk [Enemy Inside] Hulk [Ultimate Power] Hulk [Jade Giant] Hulk [New Deal] Hulk [Indestructible] Hulk Hulk [Gamma Monster] Hulk [Green Scar] Hulk [Goliath Strength] Hulkbuster [Lesson Learned] Hulkbuster+ [Lesson Learned] Hulkbuster+ [Lesson Learned] Hulkbuster+ [Undercover] Hulkling Hulkling [Kree-Skrull Warrior] Hulkling [Flyboy] Human Torch Human Torch [Ball of Fire] Human Torch [Matchstick Johnny] Human Torch [Fire Blast] The Human Torch [Spider-Pal] Human Torch [Hot-headed Superstar] Human Torch [Survivor] Hyperion [Eternal Orphan] Hyperion [Rock and Roll] Icarus [Refreeze] Iceman Iceman [Below Zero] Iceman [Deep Freeze] Iceman [Absolute Zero] Iceman [Class Clown] Iceman [Fundamental Forces] Invisible Woman [First Family] Invisible Woman [Future Foundation] Invisible Woman [Malice] Invisible Woman Invisible Woman [U-Foes] Iron Clad [Kunlun Master] Iron Fist [Immortal Weapon] Iron Fist [Power of the Iron Fist] Iron Fist [Young Dragon] Iron Fist [No Fear] Iron Fist [Got Your Back] Iron Fist [Healing Chi] Iron Fist [Kung Fu Fighter] Iron Fist [Future Conqueror] Iron Lad [Arc Reactor] Iron Man [Ferrous Hero] Iron Man [First Edition] Iron Man [Believe] Iron Man [Extremis] Iron Man [Illuminati] Iron Man [Figurehead] Iron Man [Former Enemies] Iron Man [Lawful Intention] Iron Man [Stargazer] Iron Man [Spacefaring] Iron Man [Mighty Leader] Iron Man [Doomquest] Iron Man [Proto-Classic Armor] Iron Man [That's Mine!] Iron Man [Original Armor] Iron Man+ [Original Armor] Iron Man+ [Original Armor] Iron Man+ [Cosmic Armor] Iron Man Iron Monger [War Profiteer] Iron Monger [Liberty or Honor] Iron Patriot [Dark Avenger] Iron Patriot [Heroic Change] Iron Patriot [Figurehead] Iron Patriot [H.A.M.M.E.R.] Iron Patriot [Titanium Nitrile] Iron Spider-Man [Level Up] ISO-8 [Ability Boom] ISO-8 [Level Up] Zeke ISO-8 [Level Up] Ernie ISO-8 [Level Up] Marge ISO-8 [Level Up] Magnus A ISO-8 [Level Up] Magnus B ISO-8 [Personal Level-Up Fragment] ISO-8 [Level Up] Heraldic ISO-8 [Level Up] Devourer ISO-8 [Personal Boom Fragment] ISO-8 [Level Up] Arachnid ISO-8 [Level Up] Venomous ISO-8 [Level Up] Stark Snark ISO-8 [Level Up] Liberty ISO-8 [Level Up] Paralytic ISO-8 [Level Up] Sneaky ISO-8 [Level Up] Gobble Gobble ISO-8 [Level Up] Stocking Stuffer ISO-8 [Boom Boom] ISO-8 [Level Up] Heart-Shaped ISO-8 [Telekinesis] Jean Grey [Chosen One] Jean Grey [White Hot] Jean Grey [White Crown] Jean Grey [Omega Telepath] Jean Grey [Time-Lost] Jean Grey [Alias Jewel] Jessica Jones [Bride of Ultron] Jocasta [Young Thunderbolt] Jolt [Comeback] Jolt [Mall Rat] Jubilee [Mutant Curse] Jubilee [Crimson Gem of Cyttorak] Juggernaut [Mystical Entity] Juggernaut [Kuurth] Juggernaut [Partner in Crime] Juggernaut [Isolation] Juggernaut [Skrull Hunter] Ka-Zar [Savage Guardian] Ka-zar [Seeing Double] Ka-zar [Conqueror] Kang [Timeship] Kang [God Father] Kingpin Kingpin [The Boss] Kingpin [Ariel] Kitty Pryde [Shadowcat] Kitty Pryde [Sonic State] Klaw [Brother-Killer] Korg [Kraven's Last Hunt] Kraven [Obsession] Kraven Kraven [Algrim the Strong] Kurse [Survivor] Lady Bullseye [Hand Agent] Lady Bullseye [Rebel] Lady Deadpool [Cluster] Lady Fantomex [Evolved Intelligence] Leader [We are Legion!] Legion [Resurrected] Lionheart [Fateful Choice] Lionheart [Reptilian Hunger] Lizard [Reptile Brain] Lizard [Personal Hell] Lizard [Exiled to Earth] Lockheed [Hero of the Flock] Lockheed [Pet Avenger] Lockjaw [Inhumans' Best Friend] LockJaw [You're Not Gonna Like This] Logan [See the World] Logan [Devious Trickster] Loki [Cabal] Loki [Son of Laufey] Loki [Unintended Consequences] Loki [Second Son] Loki [Laufeyson] Loki [Lord of Lies] Loki Luke Cage [Knuckle Up] Luke Cage [Neighborhood Watchman] Luke Cage [Old School] Luke Cage [Pillar] Luke Cage [Family Power Man] Luke Cage [Savage She-Hulk] Lyra [Agent of Atlas] M-11 [Deceiver] Madame Hydra [Hive Resurrection] Madame Hydra [Scars Run Deep] Madame Hydra [Big M] Madame Masque [Little Sister] Magik Magik [Darkchilde] Magik [Mutant Scout] Magik [Sapiens Superior] Magneto [Militant] Magneto [Brotherhood Renegade] Magneto [Hunter-Killer] Magneto [Magnus] Magneto [Lone Wolf] Magneto [Determined Savior] Magneto [Lost in Space] Major Victory [The Accursed] Malekith [Thunderbolt] Man-thing [Nexus Guardian] Man-Thing [Makluan Mastery] Mandarin [Stark Enemy] Mandarin [Ancestral Power] Mandarin [Break Time] Maria Hill [Beautiful Genius Commander] Maria Hill Maria Hill [Up Through the Ranks] Maria Hill [Grace Under Pressure] Maria Hill [Morlock Survivor] Marrow [Ex-Uranian] Marvel Boy [Gifted Youngster] Marvel Girl [Leading Lady] Mary Jane Watson [Fantastic Surrogate] Medusa Medusa [Inhuman Queen] Medusa [Family Secret] Menace Mephisto [Master Plotter] Mephisto [X-Men] Mercury [Warrior of Avalon] Black Knight [Insectoid] Miek [Evil Incarnate] Mister Sinister [Crooked Doctor] Mister Sinister [Marauder] Mister Sinister [Futurist] Mister Sinister [Enemy of Apocalypse] Mister Sinister [Daughter of the Dragon] Misty Knight [Armed and Dangerous] Misty Knight [Code of Justice] Misty Knight Mockingbird [Super Soldier] Mockingbird [A.I.M.] MODOK [Many Modoks] Modok [Vigilante] Moon Knight [Better Half] Moon Knight [Telepathic Monk] Moondragon [Dark Reign] Moonstone [Dark Avenger] Moonstone [Dark Marvel] Moonstone [Multiple Personality] Moonstone [Attachment Disorder] MoonStone [Biochem Genius] Morbius Morbius [Scientific Solution] Mr. Fantastic [Experimentalist] Mr. Fantastic [Kree Honor] Ms. Marvel Ms. Marvel [Starjammer] Ms. Marvel [Softer Side] Ms. Marvel [Ms. Marvel No More!] Ms. Marvel [FX Wizard] Mysterio [Illusionist] Mysterio [Sinister Illusionist] Mysterio [Brotherhood Founder] Mystique Mystique [Figurehead] Mystique [Shapeshifter Assassin] Mystique [Freedom Force] Mystique [Imperial Guardsman] Neutron [Director] Nick Fury [Secret Warrior] Nick Fury [November Foxtrot] Nick Fury [Commando] Nick Fury [Resistance Fighter] Night Thrasher [Counter Force] Night Thrasher [Ende Gut, Alles Gut] Nightcrawler [Swashbuckling] Nightcrawler Nighthawk [Dreamstalker] Nightmare [Club Fear] Nightmare [Canadian Star] Northstar [Returned] Northstar [Secret Avenger] Nova Nova [Blast Off] Nova [Just a Kid] Nova [Nova Corps] Nova [The Corps] Nova [Centurion Nova-Prime] Nova [Interstellar Peacekeeper] Nova [Loner] Nova+ [Loner] Nova+ [Loner] Nova+ [God Father] Odin [One-Eye] Odin [Asagrim] Odin [Once a Killer...] Omega Red [Cheating Death] Omega Red Onslaught [Third Generation] Patriot [Nose for News] Phantom Reporter [Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.] Phil Coulson [Son of War] Phobos Phoenix Force [Primal Being] Phoenix Force [Purifying Fire] Phoenix Force [Blinding] Photon [Martyr] Phyla-Vell [New Marvel] Phyla-Vell [Pixie Dust] Pixie [Mutant Magic] Pixie [Zarda] Power Princess [Spring Forward] Powerful Green Hero Box [Mind Over Matter] ProfessorX [Omega Telepath] Professor X [Mentor] Professor X [Wish Fulfillment] Professor X [What If?] Professor X [Battle Hunger] Proxima Midnight [Psychic Blade] Psylocke [X-Treme] Psylocke [X-Force] Psylocke [Otherworlder] Psylocke [Fire Heart] Puma [Renegade] Punisher [Franken-Castle] Punisher [Bloody Hands] Punisher [Urban Vigilante] Punisher [Peekaboo] Punisher+ [Peekaboo] Punisher+ [Peekaboo] Punisher+ [War Journal] Punisher [Can't Keep a Good Man Down] Punisher [Hothead] Pyro [Trusted Asset] Quake [Marval Man] Quasar [New Protector] Quasar [New Hero] Quasar [Inhuman In-Law] Quicksilver [Speed Demon] Quicksilver [Blinding Speed] Quicksilver [Marvel Girl] Rachel Summers [Asgardian Cyborg] Ragnarok [True Name] Ragnarok [Thunderbolt Fury] Red Hulk [Enraged Father] Red Hulk [Burning Rage] Red Hulk Red Hulk [Power Trip] Red Hulk [Raging Beauty] Red She-Hulk [Like Father, Like Daughter] Red She-Hulk [Merry Merry] Red She-Hulk [Uru Upgrade] Red She Hulk [HYDRA Mastermind] Red Skull [Survivor] Red Skull [Dell Rusk] Red Skull [Master and Commander] Red Skull [Saurian Protector] Reptil [Pepper Potts] Rescue [Rampaging] Rhino [Thick Skin] Rhino [Unstoppable Brute] Rhino [Passing the Torch] Rhoman Dey [Guns Blazing] Rocket Raccoon [Keystone Quadrant Guardian] Rocket Raccoon [Pilot] Rocket Raccoon [Starfighter] Rocket Raccoon [Reality Star] Rocket Raccoon [Shoot-'Em-Up] Rocket Raccoon [What If?] Rocket Raccoon [Stone and Magma] Rockslide [Intimidator] Rockslide [Girl Power] Rogue [Sound Mind] Rogue [Master Manipulator] Romulus [Councilor] Ronan [Supreme Enforcer] Ronan [Army of One] Ronin [Mysterious Ninja] Ronin [Headgirl] Ruby Thursday [Bloody Ambition] Sabretooth Sabretooth [Feral] Sabretooth [Slasher] Sabretooth [Vengeful] Sabretooth [Obsessive Hate] Sabretooth [Night Vision] Sabretooth [Criminal Ambition] Sandman Sandman [Granular] Sandman [Conflicting Impulses] Sandman [Hand Co-Founder] Sasaki [Great Beast] Sasquatch [Great Beast] Sasquatch [Succubus] Satana [Savage Leader] Sauron [Spider-Clone] Scarlet Spider [Ascended] Scarlet Spider [Nexus Being] Scarlet Witch [World-Shaper] Scarlet Witch [Mutant Avenger] Scarlet Witch [Rogue Investigator] Scorpion [New Model] Sentinel [Days of Future Past] Sentinel [Wideawake] Sentinel Sentinel [Void Warrior] Sentry [Split Personality] Sentry [Resurrected] Sentry [Unstable] Sentry [Weapon of Mass Destruction] Sentry [Divided Against Himself] Sentry [Golden Guardian] Sentry [Vengeful Brother] Serpent [Astral Nightmare] Shadow King [Mental Combat] Shang-chi [Ninja Fighter] Shang-Chi [Savage Protectress] Shanna The She-Devil [Jungle Fighter] Shanna the She-Devil [Savage Avatar] Shanna The She-Devil [Veterinarian] Shanna the She-Devil [Secret Avenger] Sharon Carter [Sleeper] Sharon Carter [Swordsman] Shatterstar [Gaveedra Seven] Shatterstar [Infinite Lawyer] She-Hulk [Jade Giantess] She-Hulk [Defender] She-Hulk [Santa Suit] She-Hulk [Fresh Start] She-Hulk [Legal Eagle] She-Hulk [Lady Liberator] She-Hulk [Good Vibrations] Shocker Sif [Worthy] Sif [Shield Maiden] Sif [Betrothed] Sif [Fair One] Sif [Huntress] Silver Sable [Pack Leader] Silver Sable [Bushido Code] Silver Samurai Silver Samurai [Modern Ronin] Silver Samurai [Power Cosmic] Silver Surfer [Sky-Rider] Silver Surfer [Oathbound] Silver Surfer [Cosmic Awareness] Silver Surfer [Enigma] Silver Surfer Silver Surfer [Shining Cosmo] Silver Surfer [Skadi] Sin [Sister] Sin [Reconciled] Skaar [Killer of Killers] Skaar Skaar [Savage Guardian] Skaar [Invader] Skrull [Screaming Mimi] Songbird [Music Hath Charms] Songbird [Son of the Nexus] Speed [New and Improved] Speed [Catch me if you can!] Speed Demon [Kinetic] Speedball [Stamford Survivor] Speedball [Wanderer] Sphinx [Anya Corazon] Spider-Girl [Spider Society] Spider-Girl [Friendly Neighborhood] Spider-Man [Great Responsibility] Spider-Man [Behind the Mask] Spider-Man [Wall Crawler] Spider-Man [Ho Ho Ho] Spider-Man [Proportionate Strength of a Spider] Spider-Man Spider-Man [Loner] Spider-Man [Free Agent] Spider-Man [Surprise, Surprise...] Ornament [Whistleblower] Spider-Man [Fighting for Home] Spider-Man [Smartypants] Spider-Man [Spider Web] Spider-Man [Symbiote Fighter] Spider-Man [Mind Swap] Spider-Man [Iron Spider] Spider-Man [Camo] Big Time Spider-Man [Temper, Temper] Spider-Man Spider-Woman [Silk Spider] Spider-Woman [Double Life] Spider-Woman [Lady Liberator] Spider-Woman [S.W.O.R.D. Agent] Spider-Woman [Bright-Eyed] Squirrel Girl [Nanny] Squirrel Girl [Peter Quill] Star-Lord [Lead Guardian] Star-Lord [Front Line] Star-Lord [Princeling] Star-Lord [Fall From Grace] Star-Lord [Anti-Registration] Steve Rogers [A Jingle and a Tingle] Stocking [Weather Front] Storm [Thunderstruck] Storm [Regal] Storm Storm [Headmistress] Storm [X-Women] Storm [Queen of Lightning] Storm [Wind-Rider] Storm [Static] Storm [Rising Son] Sunfire [Disgraced Hero] Sunfire [Honor or Dishonor?] Sunfire [Emperor's Chosen] Super Skrull [Fantastic] Super-Skrull [Outcast] Super Skrull [Perfect Mimic] Super-Adaptoid [Omnipath] Supergiant [Minion] Supergiant [Shocker] Surge [Lord of Muspelheim] Surtur [Power Broker] Surtur [Ancient Power] Surtur [Shir Ydrn Talonis] Talon [Raptor Brother] Talon [Mercenary] Taskmaster [Gifted Learner] Taskmaster [Rebel Herald] Terrax [Call in the Cavalry] Thaddeus E. Ross [Chosen] Thane [Mad Titan] Thanos [Death Lover] Thanos [Child-Killer] Thanos [Infinite Power] Thanos [Death Wish] Thanos [Eternal] Thanos [Wish of Self] The Hood [Unlikely Ally] The Hood [Airwalker] The Hood [Idol of Millions] The Thing [Conscientious Objector] The Thing [Breaker] The Thing [Angrir] The Thing The Thing [Bedrock] Thing [Unleashed Power] Thing [Son of Asgard] Thor [Asgardian Lightning] Thor [Berserker] Thor [Thunder God] Thor [Doctor Blake] Thor [Defender of the Realms] Thor [Scion of Asgard] Thor [Reawakening] Thor [Serpent's Nephew] Thor+ [Serpent's Nephew] Thor+ [Serpent's Nephew] Thor+ Thor [Mjolnir] Thor [Berserkergang] Thor [Son of Odin] Thor [Destroyer] Thor [Secret Invasion] Thor Gir Thor Girl [Pet Avenger] Thorg [Frog of Thunder] Throg [Between Worlds] Thunderbird [Chaos Casualty] Thunderbird [Femizon] Thundra [Tiger's Fury] Tigra Tigra [Leopardess] Tigra [Skirn] Titania [New Soviet Man] Titanium Man [Lesson Learned] Tony Stark [Playboy] Tony Stark [Familiar] Topaz [Perfectionist] Toxic Doxie [Third Generation] Toxin [Archer] Trickshot [Bloody] Typhoid Mary [Crowded] Typhoid Mary [North Carolina Champions] U-Foes [The Watcher] Uatu [Unfathomable Science] Uatu [Enemy of Life] Ultron [Adamantium Born] Ultron [Life Destroyer] Ultron Ultron [New Age] Ultron [Advanced Intelligence] Ultron [The Unrelenting] Umar Valkyrie [Death-Glow] Valkyrie [Maiden of Rage] Valkyrie [Escort of Souls] Valkyrie [Symbiote] Venom [Symbiote Sire] Venom [Friendly Neighborhood Symbiote] Venom [Mimic] Venom [Seventh] Venom+ [Seventh] Venom+ [Seventh] Venom+ [Inhuman Horror] Venom [Empress] Veranke [exchangable with silver] Vibranium [H.A.M.M.E.R's Hammer] Victoria Hand [All Too Human] Vision [Young Avengers] Vision [A.I.] Vision [Dark Half] Void [To Battle Born] Volstagg [Lion of Asgard] Volstagg [Emperor] Vulcan [Majestor] Vulcan Vulture [Older and Wiser] Vulture [Levitated] Vulture [Into The Fray] War Machine [Friend in Need] War Machine [Power Up] War Machine War Machine [V.T.R.B.S.] War Machine [Steel Cyborg] War Machine [Battle Stations] War Machine [Scion of Kvch] Warlock [Younger Brother] Warpath Wasp [Stylish] Wasp [Surprise Appearance] Wasp [Pixie] Wasp [Sleuth] Wasp [Woman Worth Marrying] Wasp [Cursed] Wendigo [Guerrilla Engineer] Whiplash [Human Top] Whirlwind [Snakeroot Spy] White Tiger [For the Hand] White Tiger [Runaway Ally] Wiccan [Like Mother, Like Son] Wiccan [Smoking Gun] Winter Soldier [Reformed] Winter Soldier [Awakened] Winter Soldier [Gamma Flight] Witchfire [Shades of Gray] Wizard [Ferocious Fighter] Wolverine [Adamantium Claw] Wolverine [The Best There Is] Wolverine [Deathless] Wolverine [Hunter] Wolverine [Berserker Rage] Wolverine [Solo Hunt] Wolverine [Mighty Slasher] Wolverine [What If?] Wolverine Wolverine [Logan's Spirit] Wolverine [Clean Up] Wolverine [War Peace] Wolverine & Colussus [Lethal Legion] Wonder Man [Good Brother] Wonder Man [Revenger] Wonder Man [Nameless] Wraith [Weapon] X-23 [Killer] X-23 [Alienated] X-23 X-23 [Cloned Eliminator] X-23 [Matricide] X-23 [Under Pressure] Yellowjacket [Smilodon] Zabu [Skyfather] Zeus [Bio-Fanatic] Zola